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UK Delivery Service

The standard home delivery charge to London and Home Counties is £120 plus VAT per order and £150 for rest of England. Oficina Inglesa will contact you prior to delivery to arrange a date and time of your convenience for the home delivery to take place. On the day of the delivery, the furniture is unloaded, placed in a room of your choice, unpacked and the packaging is removed from the property. Please note, orders above the value of £10,000 will be subject to a 5.5% fee for transport and delivery with London, and 7.5% for Home counties and rest of England. 

International Delivery Service

Oficina Inglesa can deliver to any location around the world. The carriage fee applied to all furniture and accessory deliveries will be dependent on the order details and the location. For orders outside the UK, the transport cost will be based on the weight and size of the items. For packaging, air/sea shipping, and/or home delivery quotes, please contact Oficina Inglesa.

Lead Time

Our lead time for production and delivery anywhere in England including London and the Home Counties is 6-12 weeks.

This lead time may vary depending on the size of the order placed, and the nominated delivery address. Please feel free to contact the Company to confirm lead times when you place your order. Where you wish to place an order with a time sensitive delivery date, please contact the Company in advance to discuss your requirements. The Company will endeavour to meet your timescale.

The lead time is applicable only once the deposit is paid, all details and specifications confirmed and materials such as fabric rolls or samples received. The expected lead time does not include any holidays, unforeseen closures or other instances where Oficina Inglesa is not operational. On occasion, there may be instances when lead times need to be amended due to circumstances beyond our control; we will endeavor to notify you in such cases as early as possible. Oficina Inglesa does not guarantee any transit time or applicable international clearance time.

All delivery dates provided by the Company are offered in good faith. Notified delivery dates are not legally binding and do not form part of the contract or guarantee. Furthermore, depending upon the nature of the order, delivery dates should be considered approximates only.

Home Delivery

All Oficina Inglesa products are duly packed and boxed before being transported. The Company will contact you prior to delivery to offer available time slots. The time slots available will depend upon logistical requirements, along with dates and availability of the delivery team. While the Company will make every effort to accommodate client’s needs, the Company shall not be liable for delivery dates which do not meet client’s requests.

Upon delivery, the Company requests you inspect and sign for your order. Signing is accepted as confirmation that you have inspected your order, and that all requested items due for delivery as part of that order are present and in good condition. Where a third party is left to sign for the delivery on behalf of the client, the Company shall not be held liable or responsible for any defects subsequently found that would have been found on inspection. In addition, failure to sign the delivery note as requested may render claims made against that order as invalid.

Where you fail to accept delivery, either by missing the date or for any other reason, it is your responsibility to arrange redelivery of your order at additional cost to you. An alternative may be to collect your order from an assigned collection point. The Company will not be held liable for care of orders that have already left their warehouse. It is your responsibility to ensure your items are checked and complete prior to signing for them, including where they are delivered to an assigned collection point. The Company accepts no liability for items damaged once they have left the warehouse.

Delivery Services

Access check. In the event that the client requires an onsite access check, this must be requested by the client so we can provide you with a quote. The conclusions drawn on the day of the visit may affect how the furniture needs to be made, so the order can only be processed after the access check is completed.

Standard Delivery Service. If you have paid for a Standard Delivery Service, our team will be instructed to place your order in a room of your choice upon arrival, unpack the furniture and remove all packaging from the property. Where your order is for a dining table, desk, or bed, and assembly is required, this is included in the Standard Delivery Service. The Standard Delivery Service is a two-man delivery where there is easy access to the room the furniture will be placed in, providing that room is located no higher than the 2nd floor. It includes deliveries which require no more than half a day to be completed and / or do not exceed £10,000 plus VAT. The Standard Delivery Service includes deliveries from Monday to Friday. Weekend deliveries can be organised on request, but are not included in the service.

The Standard Delivery & Installation Service will be required if your piece of furniture needs to be fitted or installed on the day of the delivery. The Standard Delivery & Installation Service is a two-man delivery where there is easy access to the room the furniture will be placed in, providing that room is located no higher than the 2nd floor. It includes deliveries which require no more than half a day to be completed and / or do not exceed £10,000 plus VAT.The Standard Delivery & Installation Service includes deliveries from Monday to Friday. Weekend deliveries can be organised on request, but are not included in the service. All Standard Delivery & Installations will be quoted on a case by case basis. 

Where our delivery team concludes that your specific order will require additional resources, such as hoisting or the delivery of the furniture through a window, this type of delivery is not included in any of our standard delivery services and will therefore be quoted for on an individual basis.

Product Dimensions

The Company provides dimensions for items and products on the website. It is your responsibility to ensure the products you have ordered will fit into the space or room you intend it for. This includes checking doorway, ceiling and staircase dimensions. The Company can arrange an onsite access check for customers prior to placing an order.

The Company aims to ensure all sizes and dimensions contained on their website, in their catalogue, and in any other marketing, advertising or other material which provides information about their products, are accurate and correct. However, since all products are made by hand, some small differences may occur. Where there are specific dimension requests relating to the space your product is intended for, please notify the Company in advance so this can be taken into consideration. The Company will not be liable for any issues or problems arising where there was a failure on the part of the client to provide the necessary information.


Products made by the Company are leveled to ensure their doors (where there are any) hang evenly, and that they stand correctly without problem. Where the floor at the intended destination is not level, the Company will accept no liability for the look and wear and tear of the product in situ. In addition, the Company will provide levelers, at a cost, for uneven surfaces, and a request for these should be made to the Company.

Returns and Cancellations

The Company provides a skilled bespoke service, and all products are made to a personal specification. Therefore the statutory seven (7) day cancellation period under article 10 of the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000 does not apply. No cancellations will be accepted by the Company once production has begun. Where the client cancels an order prior to the start of production, the client will be responsible for all the costs incurred to that point by the Company, including the fees for designing the product in question, as well as the production of bespoke wood finish samples.

Delivery Terms

Oficina Inglesa reserves the right to change the delivery terms and conditions at any time. This does not affect your statutory rights.